21.-23. oktober 2023 · Skuespilhuset · København

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Witness the intriguing collaboration between Denmark’s leading contemporary dance company, Danish Dance Theatre, and the distinguished Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil. Once again, these artistic powerhouses unites the art forms, this time endeavoring to craft an innovative symphonic orchestral masterpiece made for contemporary dance. The creative forces of the visionary composer Signe Lykke and the visually enchanting choreographer Fernando Melo converge to bring this project to life. Notably, Melo has recently gained acclaim in Denmark for his choreography in the opera “Mitridate” at the Royal Danish Theatre.

An ambitious artistic fusion
LEANING TREE is a fusion of contemporary dance and innovative symphonic music, where reality and artifice intertwine gracefully. The dichotomy between the outward live performance and the inner emotional realm resonates throughout the choreography, set design, and musical arrangement. Fernando Melo ingeniously incorporates the dancers into a dynamic set design, featuring mesmerizing disappearing acts, slow-motion interludes, and captivating illusions that seem to defy the laws of physics. In parallel, Signe Lykke crafts a symphonic opus that astonishes and enthralls. She strategically positions the symphony orchestra in various ensembles throughout the grand hall of the Playhouse. This arrangement offers an intimate acoustic embrace, enveloping the audience in a surround sound experience, as the distinct ensembles merge seamlessly into a grand symphonic entity that harmonizes with the dance performances on stage.

Drawing Inspiration from Hammershøi’s paintings
Central to the set design of LEANING TREE is the profound influence of the renowned Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916). His masterpieces exude an unmistakable aura of tension and enigma. These elements served as crucial touchstones during Fernando Melo’s initial creative process. Hammershøi’s adeptness in composition, interplay of light and shadow, and the deliberate concealment of inner emotions evoke a tantalizing air of mystery, inviting the audience to contemplate the latent narratives and sentiments behind the scenes. This aura of uncertainty prompts viewers to embark on their own interpretive journeys, crafting personal narratives that resonate with the performance.


DANCERS Jessica Lyall, Edward Pearce, Lukas Hartvig-Møller, Bradley Waller, Leticia Silva, Yi Shao Li, Kristin Bjerkestrand, Lúa Mayenco Cardenal, Merete Hersvik, Jens Schyth Brøndum
Signe Lykke
COMPANY Danish Dance Theater
Copenhagen Phil
CONDUCTOR Christian Øland
LIGHTING DESIGN Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm
SCENOGRAPHY Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm & Fernando Melo
PHOTO Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm

DURATION approx. 1 hour

A standard – 310 kr. (320 kr. incl. fee)
B standard – 260 kr. (270 kr. incl. fee)
A u. 25 years – 230 kr. (240 incl. fee)
B u. 25 years – 210 kr. (220 kr. incl. fee)


OBS As live-musicians are seated among the audience, we advise people with sensitive ears to choose tickets at a suitable distance from them. Information on where the musicians are seated will appear when you buy your tickets.

VENUE The Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen

ACCESSIBILITY We have a limited number of wheelchair spaces for each performance. To book a wheelchair space and a companion, please contact Teaterbilletter’s ticket center: / tel. +45 70 20 20 20 96 – weekdays 10-14 (Monday 10-16). Remember to bring a companion card for the performance.

The Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansens Foundation, The A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, Dronning Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond, Hoffmann og Husmans Fond, Knud Højgaards Fond, Koda Kultur, Danish Arts Foundation, William Demant Fonden.