Danish Dance Theatre was founded in 1981 by the English/Norwegian choreographer and pioneer Randi Patterson in collaboration with Anette Abildgaard, Ingrid Buchholtz, Mikala Barnekow and soon after Warren Spears. At that time the company was called ‘New Danish Dance Theater’. From 2001 to 2018, English-born choreographer and ballet dancer Tim Rushton (MBE) was the company’s Artistic Director. From 2018 to 2022, Swedish choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Pontus Lidberg was the company’s Artistic Director.

Marina Mascarell, Spain, is appointed to the position as the company’s new Artistic Director as from  April 1st,2023.

Danish Dance Theatre’s repertoire spans from large stage productions at The Royal Danish Theatre to more intimate productions at smaller venues, as well as open-air events and performances such as Copenhagen Summer Dance in the middle of the Copenhagen Harbour. The company is also touring extensively in Denmark as well as internationally.

Danish Dance Theatre receives funding from the Ministry of Culture. In addition, individual performances receive support from private and public foundations.