From dance on stage, on screen and in the review. How can the body and dance move us and arouse emotions in us? And why should we use it at all?

Danish Dance Theater is now releasing a series of moving conversations with dance experts from different perspectives on dance. In the studio, we have everyone from the critic to the Artistic Director and the dancers themselves – in a basically impossible attempt to articulate a language without language – the essence of dance.

We talk about topics that are relevant to those of you who are curious about experiencing dance performances, but perhaps haven’t quite cracked the code on why and how best to go about it. And if you are a dance aficionado, you will have the opportunity to get into the engine room and the thoughts behind both working with dance and various artistic processes around dance.

The hosts behind the microphones are rehearsal director of Danish Dance Theater, Patricia Seron Pawlik, and the theater’s project developer, Anne Sophie Gertz.

Some episodes will be in English and others in Danish, depending on who we are talking to. This will be indicated in each episode. We hope you will enjoy the show.


The conversation with Fernando Melo is in English, while the introduction is in Danish. (for all episodes – in Danish and English, go to the Danish site)

The internationally acclaimed choreographer Fernando Melo is in the studio to talk about his approach to contemporary dance. He is currently working as a choreographer for Danish Dance Theatres large scale production it the Royal Playhouse in October 2023, a symphonic dance work created in collaboration between Danish Dance Theatre and Copenhagen Phil. What is his process in this collaboration and what does he want the dancers and not least the audience to take home with them? Listen and expand your dance horizon and understanding of how a choreographer like Fernando Melo works and get his answers on why this art form is perhaps more important than ever in our society.


Idea and concept: Trine Rindsig Laursen, Charlotte Geckler & Anne Sophie Gertz
Music: Mikkel Larsen
Graphics: Søren Meisner
Sound recording and mix: Mikkel Larsen
Project management: Grazia Schiavone
Hosts: Patricia Pawlik & Anne Sophie Gertz
Guest: Fernando Melo
Thanks to: The Sound Studio of the Royal Theater.