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Come and join us at the Opera House for one of Danish Dance Theatre’s fun and creative movement workshops! We will go island-hopping, investigate how Italy’s spaghetti moves, transform into monsters, create homemade paper costumes, and much more. In the workshops we will explore the intersection of visual art and movement where, through play, drawing, creativity, body awareness, problem-solving, motor skills, and togetherness, we teach children about the world of dance. Here, children have the opportunity to express themselves in a new and creative way, enhancing their social skills and collaborative abilities. Through dance and body work, they learn to function as a team, coordinate movements, and support each other in their learning. They learn to listen, respect, and appreciate each other’s differences and ways of being – values that extend beyond dance.

Further Details
Danish Dance Theatre’s primary role is to create dance performances of high artistic quality. However, we also believe that, as Denmark’s leading company in contemporary dance, we possess some of the best conditions to engage more children and youths in the enchanting world of dance. We aim to show children an alternative to the polished images they encounter on their screens at home. Furthermore, we want to emphasize the diversity of the body via play, visual art, and physical expression. Contemporary dance can serve as a much-needed sanctuary from the expectations that many children and young people face today, as dance has a unique ability to break down barriers and create inclusive spaces where everyone can feel welcomed and accepted. We believe that dance can be a driving force in bringing both children and youths back to community, play, and embodiment – ultimately fostering social change and improved mental well-being.

AGE: Our workshops are suitable for children aged 5-10. Participation is open to all, regardless of prior experience with dance/movement.
LOCATION: All children will be picked up at the Opera’s reception, Ekvipagemestervej 10, KBH, 15 minutes before the workshop starts. Children should come dressed in clothing they feel comfortable moving in.
AVAILABLE SPOTS: There is room for maximum 17 children per group.