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“Mongrels, to me, represent the alter ego of humans. They are street dogs without any specific breed. I employ this metaphor to shed light on the outsider, the stranger, the peculiar, the different, and the unconventional amidst the norm,” Marina Mascarell.

The piece explores pettiness, oppression, and herd mentality
This contemporary dance performance delves into the Law of Jante, as envisioned by Marina Mascarell and the mongrel community epitomizes a group of narrow-minded individuals propelled by envy and apprehension towards the unfamiliar or new arrivals. They fail to celebrate uniqueness, instead exalting mediocrity and ensuring conformity while oppressing any divergence from the norm.

KØTER premiered in October 2015 at the Gothenburg Opera as an original piece for one of the world’s leading dance companies, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. It received an enthusiastic response from both audiences and critics alike, earning nominations for the 2016 Barcelona Critics’ Awards in categories such as Best International Performance and Best Choreography, ultimately winning the award for Best Set Design. For the Danish premiere, an original musical composition has been crafted by the Spanish composer and cellist, Yamila Ríos and new costumes have been designed by Nina Botkay. Marina Mascarell have also revisited the choreography together with the dancers of Danish Dance Theatre.