Tim Rushton

Tim Rushton



Tim Rushton (MBE)* was born in Birmingham in 1963. He studied at the Royal Ballet Upper School and danced for a number of northern European ballet companies until the mid-1990s. While a dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet he became interested in pursuing a choreographic career and decided to quit dancing.


Rushton quickly made his mark as a creator of contemporary dance, using classical ballet technique, and by 2001 he was appointed Artistic Director of the Danish Dance Theatre. During the past decade Rushton has transformed DDT into a multi-award winning company. Under his leadership, the company has established an international presence and today enjoys critical and popular acclaim throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia Pacific.


Tim Rushton’s contemporary choreographic style draws on his vast experience as a dancer and choreographer. His work - described as 'emotionally-led, reflecting the nuances of human relationships’ - often mixes live music, stunning lightning and design features. He uses it, he says, as "a means to communicate human emotion."


Rushton collaborates with writers, designers, visual artists and composers. He’s worked with a range of music spanning diverse genres, from classical masterpieces through to beat, jazz and newly commissioned compositions.


*Tim Rushton was appointed ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’ (MBE) in the 2011 New Year’s Honours List in recognition of his services to dance. 

Tim Rushton:

“For me dance is a translation of feelings. It’s another way of communicating that starts where words stop.”


“I wish to create a space open to the experience and acknowledgement of feelings.”


 “I begin with the human being, because what we do is infinitely connected with who we are. Using the human body, I can dissolve or reinforce an emotion, and continue some of the thoughts and stories that mere words are powerless to express. In this way, I can create experiences that, at their very best, belong to another dimension. My hope is always to be able to take the audience with me on a journey- to strike a fundamental note that everyone can relate to. I create strong physical images with sensuality and sincerity.”