Danish Dance Theatre collaborates with the folowing stakeholders:

Louisiana – Museum of modern art

Danish Dance Theatre collaborates with Louisiana on a number of open-air performances, where the museum’s visitors can experience Danish Dance Theatre’s international dancers in Louisiana’s beautiful and legendary sculpture park. In May, with a panorama view of Øresund Danish Dance Theatre presents selected choreographies from the company’s repertoire.

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Copenhagen Police Department

Danish Dance Theatre collaborates with Copenhagen Police Department on the annual returning open-air festival Copenhagen Summer Dance.  The second week of August all of the Copenhagen area is presented with live music and a number of international dance companies in the beautiful patio of Copenhagen Police Headquarters. The Copenhagen Chief Constable Johan Reimann expresses the following view on this collaboration:

”The Copenhagen Police Headquarters is one of the most significant police buildings in the world. The collaboration with Danish Dance Theatre – on Copenhagen Summer Dance – gives us the opportunity of bridging the gab between the citizens of Copenhagen and their police, and invite people into our beautiful yard with world-class artistic experiences”.

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Stands & Dans – association of contemporary dance classes

Danish Dance Theatre is collaborating with Stands & Dans on a workshop where the company dancers teach young/adult modern dancers (from the age 16). Stands & Dans is an association focused on teaching and networking within the contemporary dance field, and offers teaching in contemporary dance for children, young people, and adults. The teachers are all professionals and Stands & Dans offers dance classes in DANSEhallerne and at Dansekapellet.

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Danish Theatre Associaitons

Every year during its Denmark-tour Danish Dance Theatre visits Dansk 20-25 cities all over the country and performs around 30 shows. Together with the local theatre associations DDT communicates artistic experiences and insight into the world of contemporary dance. In connection with this the company dancers offer workshops, introductions, school performances, etc.

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M·A·C Cosmetics

Danish Dance Theatre has entered into a cooperation agreement with the cosmetics company M•A•C, who is one of the world’s leading players within their field. Thereby a cooperation concerning cosmetics and stylist guidance has occurred.

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Jon Glarbo

Jon Glarbo is a graphic and type designer with a specialty in custom designed logos and types – and he is the guy behind Danish Dance Theatre’s webpage as well as the visual look of the company’s press material through the past years. Jon graduated from the Graphic School, Copenhagen and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hauge, The Netherlands. He has worked as a graphic designer since 2003, working with Mouse lab, Utopia Design, Danish Center for Design, Scandinavian Branding, and Nordic Conference 12 among others.

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Café Øieblikket

We at Danish Dance Theatre are proud to present ’Øieblikket’ as our cater at Copenhagen Summer Dance. Normally Café Øieblikket is housed in The Black Diamond where it shares a kitchen and an administration with the restaurant Søren K. Here Øieblikket works as the ‘heart’ of the house and lobby-bar with coffee, sandwich, soup, and its own pastry kitchen, etc.

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Danish Dance Theatre has initiated a collaboration on an annual performance at KulturStadtLev in Leverkusen.  KulturStadtLev is a big cultural center, which attracts audiences from both Cologne and Düsseldorf. KulturStadtLev is known to present big and prominent and dance companies, but they also have a comprehensive music program.

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Park Theatre

Every year Danish Dance Theatre presents the company’s repertoire from Copenhagen Summer Dance in Stockholm, more specifically in Vitabergparken at Park Theatre (Stockholm’s Stadsteater). For over 70 years Park Theatre has celebrated summer in Stockholm with free theatre, dance, and music. Stockholm’s Stadsteater’s ‘Park Theatre’ in Vitabergparken is a public event with an extensive and loved program.

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The Ministry of Culture

Danish Dance Theatre is a private institution and receives a yearly grant from the Ministry of Culture through the state budget.

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Bikubenfonden has extended the previous 3-year contract with another 3 years for 2012 – 2014 for Copenhagen Summer Dance.

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City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen’s department of Culture- and Leisure has extended the previous 3-year contract with another 3 years for 2012 – 2014 for Copenhagen Summer Dance.

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The Danish Arts Council

The Danish Arts Council’s International Performing Arts Exchange supports Danish Dance Theatre’s international touring activities.

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Cultural institutions that Danish Dance Theatre has collaborated with


Ars NovaConcerto Copenhagen,Danish National Chamber OrchestraAthelas Sinfonietta CopenhagenØstre GasværkKalaidoskop, National Gallery of DenmarkDen FrieTero Saarinen CompanyBeijing Dance Theatre, The Royal Danish Ballet, The Finnish National BalletRambert Dance CompenySkånes Dansteater, The Royal Swedish BalletScottish Dance TheatreNoord Nederlandse Dans, GöteborgOperans DanskompaniCarte Blanche, The Norwegian National BalletMarie Brolin-Tani Dance/The Young Dance CompanyPACE Percussion TrioMute Comp. Physical TheatreGlobal KidzBalletteatrets ElevskoleDans i NordvestDansevæksthusetDance Touring PartnershipDance Exchange BirminghamTønder Kulturuge, Culture NightDansens DagRecoil Performance Group, The Starling Case (Stærekassen)Jacobs PillowKompagni B, Junior CompanyP@rt, Summer Ballet at Bellevue TheatreKedja, The Pantomime TheatreByen DanserJoyce Theatre and The Royal House.



Artists that Danish Dance Theatre has collaborated with


Painter Michael Kvium, designer Charlotte Østergaard, director Martin Tulinius, singer Caroline Henderson, choreographer Edhem Jesenkovic, choreographer Itzik Galili, choreographer Tina Tarpgaard, choreographer Jens Bjerregaard, choreographer Warren Spears, choreographer Randi Patterson, choreographer Anette Abildgaard, choreographer Helena Franzén, the band Savage Rose, Mazel Klezmer Band, the choir Arken, the film company Torben Glarbo, photographer Henrik Stenberg, photographer Thomas Petri, photographer Bjarke Ørsted, writer Villy Sørensen, composer Fuzzy, composer &musician Mathias Friis-Hansen, solo dancer Johan Kobborg, choreographer André Mesquita, choreographer Adi Salant, choreographer Susanna Leinonen, choreographer Pernille Bønkan Kvam, film maker Jeannette Ginslov, set designer Johan Kølkjær, lighting designer Mikael Sylvest, lighting designer Michael Breiner, lighting designer Thomas Bek, lighting designer Andreas Buhl, lighting designer Malcolm Glanville, video designer Signe Krogh, video designer Arthur Steijn, video designer Mikael Bing, video designer Martin Reinwald, lighting designer Jørn Melin, lighting designer Søren Knud Christensen, lighting designer Peter Løkke, lighting designer Lars Egegaard Sørensen, lighting designer Anders Poll, musician Jakob Kullberg, musician Nikolaj Hess, musician Nicolai Munch-Hansen, musician Jakob Høyer, composer Jens Hørsving, film maker and video artist Eva Koch, costume designer Kenth Fredin, costume designer Lis Spur, kostumedesigner Mia Stensgaard, costume designer Rachel Lawson, costume designer Erika Turunen, costume designer Mischa Woeste, costume designer Katarina Wiklund, choreographer Rui Horta, soprano Bente Vist, musicians Andreas Borregaard & Mikkel Sørensen, dancer Thomas Lund, director Bjarne Sloth Thorup, theatre director Litten Hansen, dancer Silja Schandorff, former head of DR TV- and radio theatre Bjørn Lense-Møller, lawyer & art collector Leif Djurhuus, solo dancer & director Vivi Flindt, writer Ole Nørlyng, former head of Bikubenfonden Michael Metz Mørch, mezzo soprano Randi Stene, photographer Tove Kurtzweil, writer Morten Søndergaard, artist Niels Reumert, artist Kirsten Justesen, photographer John R. Johnsen, composer Andy Pape, composer Bent Sørensen, writer and reviewer Anne Middelbo Christensen, dancer Silas Holst, dancer Selene Muñoz, solo dancer Sorella Englund, documentary film director Mette-Ann Schepelern, documentary film director Anders Elgaard, photographer Lars Wittrock, documentary film director Ricardo Sousa, writer Klaus Rifbjerg and choreographer Kenneth Kreutzmann.



Other stakeholders

The Danish Mental Health FundDancing for UnicefLett Law Firm, Kromann Reumert, Danish Ministry of the EnvironmentSAS Culture ClubBiotechbuilders, Danish Ministry of CultureCentral Denmark RegionCultural Region East JutlandGourmanden & Konen, Scheme team, DGI-Byen, and Cafe Elefanten.