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Stormen, Foto: Henrik Stenberg 

’STORMEN’ (The Storm) shows two characteristic sides of Tim Rushton’s talent; the ability to create an emotional connection between the stage and the audience, and a sense for creating dynamic dance! The performance, consisting of the works, ‘End of Loneliness’ and ‘Riverside’, gives a picture of the different aspects of emotion and intimacy – seen through the eyes of Tim Rushton and danced by Danish Dance Theatre’s fantastic, international dancers.


Stormy emotions can be expressed in violent bursts, but they can also be restrained in apparent peace. Both approaches hold tremendous emotional force, and it is these forces that occupy Rushton in ‘Stormen’. With associations such as ‘silence before the storm’ or ‘in the eye of the hurricane’ – these refer perfectly to the themes of the two works that relate to both an inner and outer emotional storm.


‘End of Loneliness’ was originally choreographed on the dancers of Beijing Dance Theatre. The result of this collaboration could be seen at The Royal Danish Theatre’s ‘Old Stage’ in May 2012, where Rushton’s choreography for the Chinese dancers was met with great enthusiasm. Tim Rushton asked Mathias Friis-Hansen, to compose a work for percussion which has become a thunderously lavish, tempo-filled and exciting work. ‘End of Loneliness’ is Rushton’s own interpretation of an Asian wedding ritual, inspired by his collaboration with Beijing Dance Theatre. We follow two people – and the rituals they go through – before they finally can be joined together and accepted into the community: A tempo-filled and spell-binding work about our understanding of life.


In ‘Riverside’, Rushton taps into the poetry and intimacy that Agnes Obel is capable of creating with her voice. By allowing the dancers to enter into a dialogue with both the lyrics and the simple piano accompaniment, he creates an honest picture of the human dilemma. There is space for thoughtfulness – a place of unobtrusive recognition. With their ‘hearts on their sleeves’ the dancers present a clear and expressive response to Agnes Obel's modest and heartfelt sensuality. ‘Riverside’ is an intimate and reflective encounter with our relationship to life.


‘STORMEN’ depicts two approaches to the same fundamental emotions – and what we feel as human beings.


Collaboration with an international renowned designer

The Danish multi-artist and avant-garde fashion designer Henrik Vibskov has agreed to design the costumes for Danish Dance Theatre’s touring performance ‘Stormen’. ‘Stormen’ is a performance with two works, where he will be designing the costumes for the work ‘Riverside’ with music by Agnes Obel. Here in Denmark, we know Vibskov for his characteristic and quirky fashion designs, always finding the humoristic, surprising and unusual. Danish Dance Theatre is looking forward to work with this international renowned designer, who is capable of combining design with the extravagant and creative in his works. 


Concept & Choreography: Tim Rushton

Music: Agnes Obel & Mathias Friis Hansen

Dancers: Danish Dance Theatre’s international dancers

Light Design: Jacob Bjerregaard & Thomas Bek

Costume Designer: Henrik Vibskov & Mia Stensgaard

Time & Place: 




21. Sønderborg


18. Randers

22. Haderslev


19. Horsens

23. Tønder


20. Vejle

24. Slesvig


24. Kolding

27. Holbæk



29. Nykøbing Mors



30. Esbjerg



31. Holstebro


04. Hjørring



06. Aarhus



07. Viborg

03. Nykøbing F.


12. Vordingborg

04. Nykøbing Sj.


13. Roskilde

05. Nakskov


14. Roskilde-skole

08. Helsingør


15. Birkerød

12. Oure-skole


17. Ballerup

13. Oure-skole


18. Slagelse

17. Aabenraa


19. Rødovre







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