Parkteatern - Nordic Summer Dance

Parkteatern - Nordic Summer Dance

Foto: Ricardo Sousa 

- Experience world-class dance when Danish Dance Theatre comes to Vitabergsparken in Stockholm


Danish Dance Theare presents a unique dance experience in Vitabersparken in Stockholm. The company's two open-air performances take place on the 16th and 17th of August, comprising of a medley of highlights from this year's performances, choreographed by Artistic Director, Tim Rushton (MBE), Stephen Shropshire (USA) and Marcos Morau (Spain).


It is the ambition of Danish Dance Theatre, that the annual performance of Copenhagen Summer Dance can be shared with the rest of Denmark and the other Nordic countries - this year with performances in Denmark and Sweden.


"Danish Dance Theatre has been greatly appreciated by both the press and the audience, having appeared at Park Theatre in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The collaboration has generated a close artistic relationship between the Nordic countries and has been of great importance and inspiration for the Swedish dance world as well as its audience. The Park Theatre and Sweden would like to extend and deepen this relationship, by making it a tradition."

Sissela Kyle, Executive and Artistic Director of Park Theatre


The program for Nordic Summer Dance 2017 is approximatly 1 hour and includes:

Excerpt from 'Kridt (Chalk)' and two new pieces, choreographed by Artistic Director, Tim Rushton.

Excerpt from 'Knot', choreographed by Stephen Shropshire (USA), with live music by Mathias Reumert.

Excerpt from 'Waltz', choreographed by Marcos Morau (Spain).


Choreography: Tim Rushton, Stephen Shropshire & Marcos Morau

Music: Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Peteris Vasks

Live Musiv: Mathias Reumert

Dancers: Danish Dance Theatre's international dancers

Scenography: Johan Kølkjær og Tim Rushton

Time & Place: 

Parkteatern - Nordic Summer Dance

Vitabergsparken, Stockholm

16th & 17th of August, 2017

60 min