New Baltic Dance in Vilnius

New Baltic Dance in Vilnius

Foto: Marc Fluri, Moderne dans

New Baltic Dance: The best of the dance world in one week


Danish Dance Theatre has been invited to perform at New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius with the piece BLACK DIAMOND at 18:30 the 15th of May. The international contemporary dance festival 'New Baltic Dance' presents the best from Lithuania and the rest of Europe. 

The festival takes place from the 9th -15th of May in Vilnius.

Futuristic and visual worlds

With Black Diamond, Tim Rushton returns to a more conceptual and futuristic universe, where focus has been set on graphic asthetics, scenes and geometrical forms. Black Diamond is a new creation by Tim Rushton, made for Danish Dance Theatre’s 16 international dancers. 

European Superstars

The festival has invited famous dance companys from all over the world. Also apearing besides Danish Dance Theatre is the Belgian choreographer Wim Vanderkeybus with his company Ultima Vez, who is surprising audiences with unexpected creations,fusing together various media and forms. "It's one of the biggest names in the dance world, so we are very excited to finally bring Ultima Vez to Lithuania,“ – says Audronis Imbrasas, the driving force behind the festival. The French hip hop dance company Compagnie Malka will also perform at New Baltic Dance to showcase their latest work. In Compagnie Malka, there are three different choreographers who join their efforts to create a three-piece examination of relationships through hip hop moves.


In one way or another, artists from 13 countries will be performing in the festival this year. New Baltic Dance traditionally presents the latest performances from the neighboring countries – Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. At the moment, one of the hottest locations on the contemporary dance map is Israel. A young choreographer by the name of Dafi Altabeb will be bringing 2 performances to the festival.

“We are always seeking variety in the programme and next to the major stars, we are trying to introduce young creators to the audience. It's also important to feel the pulse of the dance scene in the neighboring countries – so to be able to compare what is happening here in Lithuania. Quality, professionalism and the point of difference are the key things we are looking for” – A. Imbrasas explains the main criteria selecting the performances for the festival.


New Baltic Dance in Vilnius, 9-15 May, 2014. Tickets are sold at



Time & Place: 

New Baltic Dance

Lithuania, Vilnius

May 15th at 18:30 pm

Refined, cool, alluring sensual, but above all breathtaking. (..) A delicate cruelty - full of hope for the future. Black Diamond is a tempting necessity, that you won’t be able to resist.
Here is the optimal fascination of the body’s primal instincts and energy with its spontaneous aesthetic sense for synchronous beauty. The Black Diamond in ‘Black Diamond’ is a human fascination of the most magical kind.
Great, great performance. Impressive dancers, beautiful setting and music with tempo, atmosphere and life. Danish Dance Theatre seduces, stimulates and moves.
The fourteen dancers in the flock are impressive and completely precise, spanning from organic pulsating rhythms to angular robotic movements – and Rushton’s choreography contains powerful sequences.