Two innovative works about self-sacrifice and natures victory over the artificial, with live music by DEN SORTE SKOLE & with a collage-inspired set design by the artist SERGSI SVIATCHENKO


‘Nattergalen’ (The Nightingale) is a double bill created by some of Denmark’s most sought after contemporary choreographers; Sebastian Kloborg and Alessandro Sousa Pereira, both of whom have just received the Knights Cross of the Order of Dannebrog (2018). The duo Den Sorte Skole have composed the music and the Danish/Ukranian master of collage, Sergei Sviatchenko has created the set design.


Sebastian Kloborg’s work is based on themes and motifs from both Oscar Wild’s novella ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ and H.C. Andersens immortal classic from 1843, ‘The Nightingale’, about natures victory over the artificial.


The second part of the performance is created by the Brazilian choreographer Alessandro Sousa Pereira who reinterprets the paradoxical and heartbreaking story ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ by Oscar Wilde. Among other things, Pereira is inspired by the original theme of meaningless and brutal self-sacrifice.

Choreography: Alessandro Sousa Pereira & Sebastian Kloborg
Danish Dance Theatre’s dancers
Set Design: Sergei Sviatchenko
Music: Den Sorte Skole
Costumes: Maria Ipsen
Light Design: Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm
Dramaturgy: Sosha Teperowska & Amanda Linnea Ginman

Time & Place: 

DK-tour  17 Jan - 6. Marts 2020

17. jan. Aarhus

21. jan. København

29. jan. Nykøbing F

30. jan. Ballerup

3. feb. Hørsholm (Moved to 2nd of March)
5. feb. Slagelse
6. feb. Vejle
7. feb.  Sønderborg
12. feb. Rødovre     
14. feb. Flensborg   
19. feb. Viborg            
21. feb. Helsingør     
26. feb. Stevns

2.marts Hørsholm

4. mar. Vordingborg
5. mar. Roskilde
6. mar. Roskilde           

1 hour and 15 min.