10- 11 july Wanås Kunst

"Last Dances" is a four hour dance performance created for museums and art galleries by choreographer Rachel Tess with Danish Dance Theatre. The public is invited to stay as long as they chose. 


The performance is framed as “the last dance the dancers will ever perform" and unfolds as an exploration of each company member's individual sensibilities and performance practices. The work showcases both the personal and the professional movement vocabulary that the dancers have developed as part of a contemporary dance company and unhinges this experience by placing it within a new context outside of the traditional theatre stage. The dancers' individual journeys give way to the construction of a group narrative and community that include the casual passerby, the viewer who stays, or the person who returns for a second glance. The dancers alternate between performing and sharing the role as audience with you, the public. Together, you will witness their “last dances". 


Rachel Tess wishes to create intimacy in a public space, where we are not always afforded intimate engagements. With "Last Dances" she aims to challenge the audiences’ conventions and routines when visiting a museum or an art gallery, where otherwise they might be inclined to browse or pass through. The audience might witness a solo by an individual dancer or an overwhelming jumble of movement, as the performers transform the space. ‘Last Dances’ invites the audience to experience an encounter between the momentary experience of contemporary dance and the more stationary objects of a gallery or museum.


If this were the last dance you would ever see, how long would you stay?

GENERATOR –Choreographic Fellowship

The company’s ongoing venture GENERATOR is a curated evening, where one or more up-and-coming choreographers have the chance to create contemporary works in collaboration with the company’s dancers. In this way, these choreographers have the ability to develop their artistic ideas and individual choreographic styles.


Koreograf: Rachel Tess
Dansere: Dansk Danseteater 

Time & Place: 

Wanås Kunst, Sweden


4 hours