Firebird - National Tour

Firebird - National Tour

Photo: Marc Fluri 

FIREBIRD – with music by Igor Stravinsky


Danish Dance Theatre, once again presents two works choreographed by Artistic Director, Tim Rushton. ‘Firebird’ begins with a small choreographic appetizer entitled ‘Men in Coats’, which was created by Tim Rushton in 2010. The work is danced to tones created by the New York based composer, Philip Glass. The evenings premiere piece is Tim Rushton’s modern adaptation of ‘Firebird’. The original ballet (L’Oiseau de Feu) had its first performance in Paris in 1910, which was the start of a budding collaboration between the composer, Igor Stravinsky and the Ballet Russes’ Artistic Director, Sergej Diaghilev.


The two modernists, Stravinsky and Diaghilev, understood how to combine the music, choreography and mise-en-scène in a radical, new way, which significantly changed the way ballets were created.  This has given Tim Rushton a passionate predilection for Stravinsky’s compositions, where Rushton’s movement language also combines different styles with the flow of modern dance and the technique of classical ballet.


In Rushton’s ‘Firebird’, the staging is contemporary and the steps are modern, while the music is as we know it. Tim Rushton and the creation process: Rushton is an intuitive choreographer, who often creates the choreography together with the dancers, combined with a thorough understanding of the storyline and each individual character. This adds both involvement and communicative strength. At the same time, Rushton has a sense for joining his organic and mystical steps to the thoughts and stories which words alone cannot express.


Choreography: Tim Rushton 
Music: Philip Glass, Soundtrack from the film ’The Hours’ 
Length: Approx. 15 minutes
Premiered: the 9th of August 2010, The Copenhagen Policeyard


Choreography: Tim Rushton & Jason Nelson in cooperation with the dancers of Danish Dance Theatre
Music: Igor Stravinsky 
Length: Ca. 45 minutter

Time & Place: 


Danish Tour
January 25th – April 1st, 2016





25. Fredericia


23. Esbjerg

26. Nyk. Falster


24. Haderslev

27. Slagelse


25. Vejle

28. Roskilde


26. Birkerød

29. Roskilde (skole)








03. Hjørring

02. Aabenraa


04. Frederikshavn

03. Kolding


09. Ballerup

04. Sønderborg


10. Vordingborg

05. Herning


14. Stevns

09. Husum,Tyskland


15. Helsingør

10. Viborg


16. Rødovre

11. Aarhus


17. Næstved

12. Aarhus


31. Odense 

17. Hillerød



19. Rønne




01. Odense 

70 min.