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Foto: Søren Meisner 


The Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman was born in 1967 and was educated at The Scapino Academy in Amsterdam. Upon finishing her education, Didy danced in many well-known companies such as Scapino Ballet, Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and Rambert Dance Company.


In 1992, she wished to start a career in choreography and therefore started her own company called Alias. The first work 'En Manque' was well recieved and won two large choreographic awards: Dance Exchange International 1993 and Prix Romand des Briller 1994. Working with Rambert Dance Company since 1994, she left in 2000 to concentrate completely on her choreographic career and since has created for companies such as: Les Grand Ballets Canadiens de Montréal (Canada), Ballet Gulbenkian (Portugal), Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (USA), Rambert Dance Company (England), Cullberg Ballet (Sweden), Royal New Zealand Ballet (New Zealand), Iceland Dance Company (Iceland), among others.


Veldman combines modern dance with classical technique and her choreographic specialty lies in her ability to mix different genres in an athletic, creative and physical way, always together with the human story. She works closely with painters, designers and composers and the music that she uses spans from classical works, to jazz, electronic and new compositions.



The Dutch choreographer, dancer and 'shooting star' Wubkje Kuindersma was born in Cameroun by Dutch parents. She was educated at Codarts/Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland, where she graduated in 1998.


As a dancer, she has guested many well-known companies such as Nürnburg Ballet, Gulbenkian Ballet, Random Dance and Danish Dance Theatre, among others, and quickly found out that choreography was the direction she wanted to pursue. Kuindersma is regarded as one of Hollands most exciting, up-and-coming choreographers at the moment and during the last few years has recieved recognition both inside and outside of Hollands borders. As a choreographer, she is facinated with the synergy between dance and theatre and her works build bridges between classical technique and modern dance.


Her first choreography in 2010, 'Aquasomnia' recieved awards for 'Outstanding Performance' and 'Exquisite Movement Quality' at the Choreography Competition U30 in Cologne. And since then, her career has skyrocketed, as she has already choreographed for many reknowned venues such as Korzo Theatre, Noverre Society, The National Youth Ballet Germany by John Neumeier and Codarts, among others. In May of 2016, Kuindersma recieved the talent award BNG Bank Dance Award and these past years she has been choreographing for the prestigious Dutch dance house, Korzo.

We have, in agreement with the choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma – who have created one the evening's pieces called 'Tales of a Nordic Mind' – been allowed to publish the following poem, which she has written as a part of her research for the piece.


Tales of A Nordic Mind


the distance to the house

only a few meters

yet some days they 

seemed unbearably long

like never-ending stones

repeating themselves unnoticed


where to go

if the road is embracing itself

like the world is hiding

its truth

beneath a layer of pretend


like a layer of glass

holding its truth

only to unfold in ones face

if one really dares to look







if to look beyond

is only  a matter of stretching ones mind

how to stretch

if everything seems frozen?


maybe my breath will give me the answer

breath on glass

glass on breath


if only one could see

what really was beneath



©wubkje kuindersma

- Experience two pieces about social masks and nordic tales, with music from Nina Simone, Kronos Quartet, Jóhann Jóhannsson and many others.


DON´T LEAVE ME ALONE is a double bill created by two of Northern Europe´s most exciting, female choreographers at the moment: the distinguished, Didy Veldman and shooting star Wubkje Kuindersma.


FRAME OF VIEW by Veldman, is a humoristic and breathtaking piece about the individuals ability to use social masks. The dancers jump in and out emotions, from fierce jealousy, heart-wrenching loneliness, to fervant desire, dancing to classics interpreted by Nina Simone, Kronos Quartet and many others.


In Kuindersma's completely new work, TALES OF A NORDIC MIND, made specifically for Danish Dance Theatre, she has found inspiration in Nordic tales and mythological stories of need and longing.


In the end, American choreographer Stephen Shropshire shows LAMENTO DELLA NINFA - a beautiful and sensual trio.


There will be a free introduction 30 minutes before the performance.


Choreography: Didy Veldman, Wubkje Kuindersma & Stephen Shropshire

Music: Philip Feeney, Ali Zadeh, Franguiz, Nina Simone, Golijov, Kronos Quartet, Offenbach, Dean Martin, Anastaja, Kimmo Pohjonen, Jóhann Jóhannsson
Costume design: Miriam Buether (Didy) and Bregje van Balen (Wubkje)
Scenography: Miriam Buether (Didy) 
Lighting Design: Ben Ormerod (Didy) and Adalsteinn Stefansson (Wubkje)

Time & Place: 

The Royal Danish Theatre, Takkelloftet 
January 20-28, 2018

107 min incl. intermission
New York Times
A hilarious slow-motion fight; a horror-movie-style faceless figure bulging through a rubber-panelled door, Frame of View by Ms. Veldman, offered a memorable theatricality.
The Globe and Mail
Veldman's clever Frame of View, to a pastiche score is wonderfully humorous, ironic and melancholy all at the same time.
The Star Ledger
Audiences will feel themselves in the grip of an authentic theatrical experience.