Foto: Ricardo Sousa 

- Two days in a fragile man’s world

Danish Dance Theatre’s 4-time Reumert Winner (Danish Theatre Awards), choreographer and Artistic Director, Tim Rushton has for a short time pushed dance aside, in order to explore the performance art genre, together with Danish Dance Theatre’s dancer Csongor Szabó. Together, they have created a physical performance about the life of a young man where humor, tragedy, the poetic and the grotesque go hand in hand.

The monologue, THE DIARY OF A MADMAN, is poised somewhere between reality and fantasy. In this intimate setting, the audience takes a look at the thoughts inside a fragile man’s head, played by Csongor Szabó. Completely in his own world, he relives memories, dreams and experiences and on his tortuous path he clumsily trips over both life and his own feet. For how can one handle life’s fragility?


Behind the performance:

The director, Tim Rushton and the performer, Csongor Szabó decided early on to look at a group of dogmas that they wanted to follow throughout the performance. They wanted to use as little artificial help as possible. They wanted to use as little light and set design as possible, as well as props. This starting point will hopefully help the audience’s own imagination to fill in the gaps, while inspiring people to form mental images.


Tim Rushton, director: ‘With The Diary of a Madman, this is the first time I will be directing a theatre or performance art piece. For a while now, I have wanted to explore something new and different, trying out unfamiliar territory. It is my hope that this humoristic, unpretentious and spontaneous monologue will give the audience food for thought, just as it has given me.’


INSTRUCTION: Tim Rushton & Csongor Szabó

PERFORMER: Csongor Szabó

Music: “Alma” by Elvino Vardaro and Juan Bautista Guido Orchestra, “Inanna” by Armand Amar © Long Distance Production, “Jueves” by Elvino Vardaro and Juan Bautista Guido Orchestra, “Religion” by Philip Glass © Dunvagen Music Publishers / Edition Wilhelm Hansen AS, København, ”Hard to handle” by Otis Redding, Universal.

DURATION: 60 minutes


LIGHTING DESIGN: Jacob Bjerregaard


The monologue text is in easily understood English.


Time & Place: 


9th-12th of september 2014 at 8:00 pm

25th-27th of november at 8:00 pm + the 29th of nov. 2014
at 5:00 pm 

2.nd - 4th of December at 8:00 pm
(inclusive Saturday the 6th dec. at 5:00 pm)

60 min.
90-165 DKK
Danish Dance Theatre's Hungarian dancer and performer Csongor Szabó is an extremely talented dancer and expressive mover.
It is a refreshing experience to be allowed into a dark theatre with a crazy man. (..) We are moved and support him in his vulnerability.
The performance is both poetic and passionate and we are captivated during the whole hour.
Magasinet KBH
Nothing less than a stroke of genius hosting such a beautiful show as ‘Copenhagen Summer Dance’ in these ceremonious settings that present the possibilities of modern dance.