Foto: Henrik Stenberg, Moderne dans, Dansk Danseteater
Foto: Henrik Stenberg 


Copenhagen Summer Dance - 11th -17th of August 2014

- 10 years with ballet and contemporary dance at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters




Copenhagen Summer Dance is an open-air contemporary dance event, presenting Danish Dance Theatre as well as international contemporary dance companies, at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters (Politigården). The duration of the performance is approximately 1½ hours including intermission.


Through the years, Copenhagen Summer Dance has established itself as a popular – and indispensable – Danish summer tradition.


Experience an event of international standard, which in 2014 presents such exciting names as:


  • The Norwegian National ballet - with a duet created by Christopher Wheeldon. Wheeldon is an English international choreographer of contemporary ballet.


  • The Mariinsky Chorus  - The famous Mariinsky Chorus is well known both in Russia and abroad. It is interesting not only because of its high degree of professional musicianship, but also for its history, which is rich in events and is closely linked with the development of Russian music. The chorus has performed a cappella programmes at prestigious venues in Russia, Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Israel and Denmark.


  • A duet with Stefanos Bizas og Alba Nadal from The Royal Danish Ballet.


  • A new solo by Tim Rushton for our new dancer Lucia Pasquini.

  • Black Box Dance Company - A Danish dance company / Artistic director Marie Brolin-Tani


  • Excerpt from the piece Black Diamond by Tim Rushton with Danish Dance Theatres 16 international dancers.


  • Danish Dance Theatre's dancers Alessandro Sousa Pereira  and Fabio Liberti present two new pieces performed by Danish Dance Theatre international dancers.


  • Furthermore, Danish Dance Theatre will be presenting excerpts of previous successful performances, a sneak preview of the upcoming season and a brand new work by Artistic Director Tim Rushton.




 A comprehensive international program that we hope, once again, will inspire our many guests at Copenhagen Summer Dance.


There is free admission to Copenhagen Summer Dance, but seats can be reserved for 60 kr. in advance (+ 10 kr in ticket fees). While admission is free, seating is limited, so it might be a good idea to reserve a ticket in advance.


Out of the 800 spectators in the Police Headquarters, there is seating for 676 which may be reserved ahead of time. The other 124 cannot be reserved as this seating is on the ground in front of the stage. Those who sit on the ground will be provided with a cushion. If there are vacant seats, Danish Dance Theatre will also assign free access to them.


Ticket reservations can be bought online via (this reservation is non-refundable in case of cancellation due to rain). It is not possible to buy ticket reservations at the venue. The nearest ticket office is at Tivoli's Ticket Center, approximately 300 meters from the Copenhagen Police Headquarters, which is open until the start of the performance. Telephone: 33 15 10 12.




Idea & Concept: Tim Rushton

Choreography: Tim Rushton, Örjan Andersson, Fabio Liberti,  Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Chris Wheeldon, Marie Brolin-Tani

Costume Design: Charlotte Østergaard & Mia Stensgaard, among others

Companies: Danish Dance Theatre, The Norwegian National Ballet, Black Box Dance, The Mariinsky Chorus



Food and drink can be bought at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters at ‘Øieblikket’ – a café normally residing at the Royal Library, The Black Diamond. Read more here.


Danish Red Cross as audience guides

At Danish Dance Theatre we are very excited to announce our partnership with the Danish Red Cross, which has assembled a team of audience guides for Copenhagen Summer Dance. In this way attention is drawn to the important humanitarian work of the Danish Red Cross. Furthermore, the audience guides will each donate their guide-salary to the Red Cross. Help the Red Cross and sign up as a door-to-door collector taking place on Sunday the 6th of October here.



Please note:

- In case of cancellation due to the weather, reservations are non-refundable. 
- The Copenhagen Police do not have any information about the performance, we kindly request that you do not call them regarding Copenhagen Summer Dance. Please use this website or our service telephone.

- If the weather forecast announces all-day rain, Danish Dance can choose to cancel the event. This decision will be announced on this site at 3pm on weekdays & 11am for the matiné performances. Danish Dance Theatre will never the less generally try to go through with the day’s performance at the Police Headquarters.

- We encourage our audience to arrive 1 hour prior to the performance. 
- The doors to the venue will be closed - and access will be denied - at the start of the performance. 
- We request our audience not to bring any large luggage. 
- There may be a queue at the venue. 
- Food and drink are not allowed, but can be purchased. 





Time & Place: 

Copenhagen Police Headquarters

Performances 11th – 17th of August at 8.30p.m.

Matiné 16th & 17th of August at 2.30p.m.

1½ hour
60 DKK + fee
What a wonderful summer event. (..) it speaks to both dance connoisseurs and novices.
There was something special about stepping through the police yards grandiose columns between VIP’s and flashing photographers (..) an abundance of captivating dance at the Police Headquarters.
Jyllands Posten
Here is one and a half hours of dance for all ages and admission is free. Now it’s just a case of being at the head of the cue the next few evenings.
All dance works have an inner pulse, and the dancers are set on turbo as if love was at their heels. Intense and persistent. (..) A generous touch of lightness.