9th - 10th of November
Carrying A Dream
Carrying a dream 
-A contemporary dance performance about courage and human rights, inspired by pioneers, such as Harvey Milk, Eleanor Roosevelt and Malcolm X, who dared to change the world

The stage is set as an empty space, a man enters and is confronted with the voices of the past. Voices that have inspired us, planted hope, given us strength and who will take us on a journey filled with poetry, passion & power.


The 4-time Danish Theatre Award-winning choreographer, Tim Rushton is coming back to The Old Stage with the world premiere of a new full-evening contemporary dance piece about humanism. CARRYING A DREAM is inspired by a number of thrilling, historical and political speeches that changed the world, where race, gender and sexual rights are under debate. Topics that, to this day, still arouse conflicting views, outrage and fascination.


Using spellbinding, poetic and sometimes brutal dance tableaus, Rushton touches upon some of the historical moments, when our rights have been challenged. Personal stories accompanied by sound, voiceovers and music, about what has been and where we are now.


World-Premiere, Spring 2019, The Royal Danish Theatre’s Old Stage, Kongens Nytorv

Choreography: Tim Rushton
Music: Elton John, Biosphere, Nina Simone, Nikolaj Hess
Pianist og piano improvisation: Nikolaj Hess
Accordion: Anna Østerby
Cello, Autoharpe, Banjo, Ukulele og bells: Line Felding
Dancers: Danish Dance Theatre’s dancers
Costume design: Rikke Juellund 
Costumier: Rikke von Qualen  
Light design: 
Mikael Sylvest
Sound design: 
Mikkel Larsen
Dramaturg, text and actorvoice:
Charlotte Munck
Actorvoice: Peter Plaugborg
Voiceover:  Excerpts from speeches by Harvey Milk, Eleanor Roosevelt, Malcolm X, among others
Percussion: Sara Mouritzen
Tango instructor: Martin Nymann Pedersen
Tangochoreography inspired by: Fernando Gracia 

Length: 1 hour and 15 min without an intermission

Time & Place: 

9-10 november 2019
Theater der Stadt Schweinfurt

1 hour and 15 min without an intermission