Foto: Marc Fluri, Moderne dans

Danish Dance Theatre has been invited to perform at The International Baltic Ballet Festival in Riga with the piece BLACK DIAMOND.

The International Baltic Ballet Festival "From Classics to Avant-Garde" is the only festival in Riga to present professional, international dance where ballet artists and choreographers show the best of today in classical ballet and contemporary dance. The festival started in 1996 in Riga by ex-Prima of Latvian National Ballet Lita Beiris, who is Director of the festival. 


Futuristic and visual worlds

With Black Diamond, Tim Rushton returns to a more conceptual and futuristic universe, where focus has been set on graphic asthetics, scenes and geometrical forms. Black Diamond is a new work by Tim Rushton, created for Danish Dance Theatres 16 international dancers.

To the sounds of the violinist Alexander Balanescu, the beat king Trentemøller and the classic composer Philip Glass, small pockets of sound are created - from fragmented and noisy to tempo-filled electronic beats to lyrical and romantic.



The audience is first met by a black stage exploding with silver confetti. Then the stage is set. The first act of Black Diamond consists of a massive diamond shaped background – black and uneven, like a sparkling diamond. Destruction rules here and the scenography gives thought to a harsh landscape of aggressive volcanoes, black ash and rock walls. Dressed in futuristic black coats and geometrical garb, Rushton creates a futuristic tale about the inherent duality of everything, where both the shadowy and the light side of man are explored both psychologically, scenographically and thematically.



In the second act, the background changes from inky black to shining silver as the structure remains unchanged. In an organic and flowing idiom, hope is making its way out of the darkness. The dancers float across the stage in gauzy, balloon-formed creations, while small cracks of darkness try to break through the light.


Contrasting Costumes

Just as the music promises contrasting worlds, we also meet the goddess of fate in a pompous design construction, where she spins the thread of life, militaristic men in somber coats, faceless and pure bodies plus a petrified man in a skin colored costume of crystal. All costumes are designed by clothing designer, Charlotte Østergaard.


The World Premiere of Black Diamond is at Vejle Musikteater the 1st and 2nd of May, 2014.


Black Diamond is a collaboration between Danish Dance Theatre as well as Danish and International partners.




Concept & Choreography: Tim Rushton 

Mucic: Trentemøller, Balanescu Quartet & Philip Glass

Dancers: Dansk Danseteaters Dansere

Lighting Design: Jacob Bjerregaard

Stage Design: Johan Kølkjær

Costume Design: Charlotte Østergaard

Time & Place: 

Riga Congress Hall

The 18th of May 2014 at 19:00 pm
Refined, cool, alluring sensual, but above all breathtaking. (..) A delicate cruelty - full of hope for the future. Black Diamond is a tempting necessity, that you won’t be able to resist.
Here is the optimal fascination of the body’s primal instincts and energy with its spontaneous aesthetic sense for synchronous beauty. The Black Diamond in ‘Black Diamond’ is a human fascination of the most magical kind.
Great, great performance. Impressive dancers, beautiful setting and music with tempo, atmosphere and life. Danish Dance Theatre seduces, stimulates and moves.
The fourteen dancers in the flock are impressive and completely precise, spanning from organic pulsating rhythms to angular robotic movements – and Rushton’s choreography contains powerful sequences.