BLACK DIAMOND - Contemporary dance in Vilnius

BLACK DIAMOND - Contemporary dance in Vilnius

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Black Diamond - a sparkling performance by Tim Rushton


Futuristic and visual worlds

With Black Diamond, Tim Rushton returns to a more conceptual and futuristic universe, where focus has been set on graphic asthetics, scenes and geometrical forms. Black Diamond is a new creation by Tim Rushton, made for Danish Dance Theatre’s 16 international dancers.

To the sounds of the composers Alexander Balanescu and Philip Glass, as well as the beat king Trentemøller, small pockets of sound are created - from fragmented and noisy to tempo-filled electronic beats to lyrical and romantic tracks.


Black Diamond is a collaboration between Danish Dance Theatre and its Danish as well as international partners.



Concept & Choreography: Tim Rushton 

Mucic: Trentemøller, Balanescu Quartet, Philip Glass. 

Dancers: Danish Dance Theatres dancers

Lighting Design: Jacob Bjerregaard

Stage Design: Johan Kølkjær

Costume Design: Charlotte Østergaard

Time & Place: 

Culture Night, Vilnius, Presidential Courtyard 
19th of june at 11:00 & 12:00 pm