17.-18. August 2019 Moesgaard Museum

World-class dance under the summer sky

Once again, Danish Dance Theatre is pleased to continue this unique collaboration with Moesgaard Museum, presenting Aarhus Summer Dance. Under the summer sky, the audience can experience some of the best in modern dance and ballet, curated by Danish Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Pontus Lidberg.


This year’s program consists of a visit from Greek Ioannis Mandafounis, the Danish company Don Gnu og Danish Dance Theatre.

There is free entry to all the performances. 

Choreography: Danish Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Pontus Lidberg, Dong Gnu, Ioannis Mandafounis  
Companies: Danish Dance Theatre, Don Gnu
Dancers: Greek Ioannis Mandafounis, Don Gnu (DK) and Danish Dance Theatres 9 dancers.
Musik: DJ Turkman Souljah, among others
Price: The performance is free, and you do not need a ticket to the museum to see the performance. 
Length: Approximately 45 minutes


Amazing architecture in beautiful surroundings

The audience is seated on the roof of Moesgaard Museums new exhibition building, which has been designed by Henning Larsen Architects together with the office of landscape architect Kirstine Jensen. Situated here, the audience can enjoy the view of the green hills, as well and the dance and the music. The sloping, grassy roof is perfectly suited to double as auditorium seating due to the incline, and the audience is welcome to bring blankets and cushions to sit on.

Food & beverages
In case of hunger or thirst, Moesgaard’s cozy café is open before, during and after the performance, where they offer cold drinks, as well as Nordic dishes. The café also has freshly brewed coffee, tea and homemade bread and cakes from their own bakery. Spectators are also welcome to bring their own picnic basket.

In case of rain
If it starts to rain before or during the performance, then there is a possibility that the performance will be cancelled, as the vinyl on the stage can become very dangerous to dance on when it becomes wet. Danish Dance Theatre will keep you informed on the website, on Facebook and on Moesgaard’s digital platforms.

Time & Place: 

Aarhus Summer Dance

17.-18. August 2019 kl 12.00 & 15.00

Moesgaard Museum

1 time