Danish Dance Theatre collaborates with the following cultural institutions: 




Danish Dance Theatre is entering into a new era, having moved from Dansehallerne in the beginning of 2017 and into the Royal Opera House. The opera will serve as a permanent base for the administration, dancers and technical staff, though Danish Dance Theatre will continue as an independent institution with its own economy and framework agreement with the Ministry of Culture. We hope that this collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre will bring even more spectacular contemporary dance experiences to the beautiful national stage, and we look forward to using ‘Takkelloftet’, the Opera’s black box Theatre, during two months of the year. Throughout the years, The Royal Danish Theatre has presented Danish Dance Theatre’s performances on their various stages, for example, the audience has had the chance to experience contemporary dance on the impressive ‘Old Stage’. Herewith, strengthening the bond between two of Denmark’s leading cultural institutions of dance. 

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THE PLACE – London Contemporary Dance School

Danish Dance Theatre collaborates with London Contemporary Dance School. The collaboration consists of an exchange of apprentices who do their internship at Danish Dance Theatre, which is funded by London Contemporary Dance School. Furthermore the collaboration implies that Edge – a company of postgraduate dancers from London Contemporary Dance School – perform choreography by Danish Dance Theatre on a tour of the UK.

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'Danse qui Danse' is a European network with five partners:

-  Escuela de Danza, Porto, Portugal.

-  Korzo – Den Haag (NL)Korzo is a black box theatre in The Hague, as well as the oldest production house in Holland. Talent development is their main activity. Organizer of the festival ‘CaDance’.

 Malandain Ballet Biarritz – Biarritz (F). Maladain Ballet Biarritz is one of the largest ballet companies in France. Organizer of the festival ‘Temps D’aimer’ in Biarritz (yearly).

-  Danish Dance Theatre (DK). Denmark’s largest contemporary dance company. Organizer of ‘Generator – Master Platform of Choreography’, as well as ‘Copenhagen Summer Dance’.

-  Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Zappalà Danza – Catania (I). Zappala Dance is one of Italy’s largest companies based in Sicily. Appointed as a choreographic center in 2014. (One of three in Italy).


What these five cultural institutions have in common, is that they all work with physical dance – or what Yves Kordain from Malandain Ballet Biarritz calls ‘danse qui danses’ – a form of contemporary dance that is movement oriented, where the focus of the dance is the physical expression, with connection to the movement vocabulary of classical ballet. This focus is of particular importance, as to who is part of the food chain of dancers and choreographers, as this form of contemporary dance demands strong dance technique and physicality, as well as choreographic and scenic prerequisites.


The goals of the ’Danse qui Danse’ network is: 

1) Promote ‘Danse qui Danse’.

2) Find new choreographic talent.

3) Further development of choreographic talent.

4) Strengthen a network of choreographic ‘residencies’.

5) Enrich the cultural and dance environment.

6) Create new business models.



Danish Dance Theatre cooperates with the Schools at Oure during an annual workshop course of 5 days. Throughout this course, some of the company’s dancers teach modern dance, ballet, repertoire, improvisation, and choreography to the students at Oure. This culminates in two performances at Oure, where the goal is to give the students a hands-on experience in what it takes to be a professional dancer.

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DANSEhallerne is a national platform for contemporary dance and new choreographic performing arts where significant players in areas of contemporary dance are brought together. From 2009 - 2017, Tap E at Carlsberg provided the physical framework for Danish Dance Theatre and DANSEhallerne. While Danish Dance Theatre has permanently moved to the Opera House, it is the  future vision that DANSEhallerne will move to ‘Kedelhuset’ at Carlsberg, where the institution will establish office space, studios and a stage. Until then, DANSEhallerne’s administration will be at Regnbuepladsen 7, while the institutions activities will take place in venues all over Denmark.

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