Tim Rushton at the culture ball at Christianborg Palace

On Tuesday, 15 March, HM The Queen held an arts and culture ball at Christianborg Palace. The invited guests devoted themselves to art and culture and one of them was Artistic Leader at Danish Dance Theatre, Tim Rushton.
The arts and culture ball was first held by The Queen and The Prince Consort in 1976 under the name ‘Arts et Lettres’ (art and literature). Since that time, The Queen and The Prince Consort have issued invitations to arts and culture balls in 1985, 1998 and, most recently, in 2009.


Throughout history, the Royal Danish House has had the tradition of inviting various players in society to gatherings at the palace. Gatherings in which the invited guests were involved in art and culture can be dated back to the time of Christian VIII (1786-1848), when The King, in light of his great interest in art, culture and science, invited guests to gatherings at the palace. Moreover, The King’s interest led to the establishment of the medal ‘Ingenio et Arti’ (for science and art), which was presented at the gatherings. The medal presentation is not part of the evening dinner gatherings today, but the ‘Ingenio et Arti’ medal continues to be given to artists or scholars for a particularly outstanding effort within the sciences and art.


Therefore Tim Rushton sees the invitation as a great honour.


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