Danish Dance Theatre wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Danish Dance Theatre says thank you for the past year - and takes a sneak peak at the upcoming performances and events in the New Year.

2012 has been yet another prosperous year for Danish Dance Theatre. A year where our artistic director Tim Rushton received the Bikuben honourary award, the company was nominated for a Reumert award for Dance Performance of the Year for ‘Love Songs’, and Danish Dance Theatre’s Ana Sendas was nominated in the category Dancer of the Year. Furthermore, the company was nominated ‘Best Theatre Experience of the City’ by AOK – and finally our dancers received a number of awards.


On our tour of Denmark in 2012 we visited many Danish cities, and once again we offered a unique dance experience at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters during Copenhagen Summer Dance. The program of 2012 also consisted of our picnic event ’Spring Dance at Carlsberg’ and  the new open-air event ’Louisiana Dance’ in the garden of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The year offered exciting collaborations with f.ex. Beijing Dance Theatre on the performance ’Monolith’ that premièred at The Royal Danish Theatre. In the fall DDT, in collaboration with the choreographers Edhem Jesenkovic and the world-famous Itzik Galili proudly presented ’Walking in the Night’. Furthermore, the company toured in the United States, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, China, and Sweden.   


2013 offers a large tour of the United States, through New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. The company has been asked to represent Denmark at the NORDIC COOL festival on March 1st and 2nd in Washington D.C. Here Danish Dance Theatre, Tero Saarinen, Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, Iceland Dance Company, and Carte Blanche are invited to ‘NORDIC COOL’ at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ – a very well promoted program representing the cool and exotic of the North.


The company’s tour of Denmark in 2013 is ’Love Songs’, and we are performing 26 shows all around the country. In connection to this the dancers will teach a number of workshops, and the company collaborates with theatres, arts centres, music centres, secondary and high schools.


The New Year also offers a performance of Sacre du Printemps at Østre Gasværk together with Copenhagen Phil, 200 school children from 8 schools, and Dansehallerne. In 2013 we are also presenting a collaboration with The Royal Danish Theatre, where Danish Dance Theatre along with Caroline Henderson performs ’Love Songs’ at the Old Stage. Furthermore, the New Year brings  the annual open-air festivals ‘Copenhagen Summer Dance’ and ‘Louisiana Dance’, a series of world premieres and an international tour to China; and this is only a brief view of the most significant events of the coming year’s comprehensive program.


We thank you so much for your interest in all our activities as this makes it possible for us to maintain, as well as expand, the love of dance to a great number of audiences.


Best regards

Danish Dance Theatre