Company class with Danish Dance Theatre

– Come and do your morning class at the Opera with Danish Dance Theatre


Danish Dance Theatre now offers open classes for professional dancers. The company class varies from week to week, based upon the performances and rehearsals going on at the moment. The open classes consist of ballet classes tailored to professional modern dancers, as well as yoga, Gaga and functional training. The classes take place in Danish Dance Theatres beautiful studios at the Opera House on Holmen.


To summit your first class please contact Rehearsal Director Patricia Seron Pawlik at   

We will start company classes again in week 34.

Keep yourself updated here, as we will continuously update the list of weeks and teachers!


Practical information:

Times: Open classes are on weekdays from 10 - 11:15, unless stated otherwise. All participants must arrive latest at 9:30, where you will be collected and registered. Participants who arrive after 9:30 will not be able to take part in the class.

Place: Classes take place in Danish Dance Theatres studio at the Opera House on Holmen. Participants must meet up at the Operas reception (Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 København K, which is the oposite side of the main entrance), where you will be collected and registered.

Price/Payment: It is only possible to buy a 10-times card, which can either be payed with Mobilepay: 20759137 or cash. The 10-times card can be used for the entire season (Oct 2017 - June 2018) and the price is 400 kroner. Payment and registration takes place before 9:30 am. It is not possible to book in advance.

Number of participants: There is space for max. 12 guests.