Why support Danish Dance Theatre?

One of Danish Dance Theatre’s most important tasks is to not only maintain its dance audience, but to expand it as well – both nationally and internationally. Danish Dance Theatre is Denmark’s largest and most award-winning modern dance company, which four times has been awarded the most important Danish theatre award, the Reumert.


Since the company’s current Artistic Director, Tim Rushton, took over the leadership of Danish Dance Theatre – and in particular in 2004 by introducing the yearly summer event ‘Copenhagen Summer Dance’ in the Police Headquarters – the company has experienced numerous successes, as well as quadrupling its audience.


This effort has fortunately meant that Danish Dance Theatre, from the 2010/11 season, receives an increased yearly grant from the state that will assure the company’s position as a locomotive force for modern dance in Denmark.

In conjunction with this support, it is expected that Danish Dance Theatre creates art of the highest quality and reaches out to all of Denmark. This has required a consolidation of the company’s general operations – including the necessary professional administration and the size of the dance company itself.


It may sound paradoxical, but Danish Dance Theatre as a private institution – with the institutional expectations that are naturally attached to our role as the locomotive force for modern dance – continues to have the need of private support when it comes to actual performances, both national and international.


Dependent on the cultural support from trusts and grants

If we are to maintain both artistic standards and audience appeal, then Danish Dance Theatre is completely dependent on the goodwill of both large and small public and private grants.


Therefore, we owe thanks to all of our co-collaborators, trusts, grants, associations and individuals who have, over the years, respectively given both money and commitment to our many performances and events.


Your contributions are vital for Danish Dance Theatre’s activities and performances, which in turn give our audience new inspiration. Therefore, Danish Dance Theatre, its Board of Directors and Artistic Director Tim Rushton would like to give each of our sponsors and partners a huge thanks.