Summer Intensive 2017

Summer Intensive 2017

Marylise-tanvet Schmidt_Summer-intensive_Danish Dance Teatre
Marylise-tanvet Schmidt_Summer-intensive_Danish Dance Teatre 



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Download a PDF with information about Summer Intensive 2017 HERE

Strength & alignment:
Every morning, we offer special core work to tackle the weak spots in the body in a healthy way, and to set you up for the day. Special attention will be given to build a strong center with a series of exercises that will strengthen the center core. Arms and shoulders will also be activated during the session to make sure that an even body mass is acquired. Many exercises will be built up from a familiar base of Pilates, yoga and cross fit and are well tested and tried. This class is taught by Rehearsal Directors from Danish Dance Theatre.


Ballet class:
The first class of the day is a ballet class that will build strength and stability for today’s contemporary dancer. This is the ultimate ballet class for contemporary dancers in Copenhagen, taught by the renowned teacher Mathilde van de Meerendonk.

Company class:
Company class is open every day at an extra charge. Our company class is a ballet class for the dancers of Danish Dance Theatre. The class is an open ballet class taught by Mathilde van de Meerendonk, building strength and stability for today’s contemporary dancer. The company class is not included in the week pass or the day pass, but is open to book at an extra charge (50 DKK).

Repertoire work:
Meet the company, in a fun repertoire class. Under close supervision from the company members, they will be teaching works from the repertoire that are demanding, fun and great to dance. You can try some of the exciting repertoire we have and learn about the motivation behind the movements, experiencing the musicality through your whole body.

Gaga class:
If you’ve never tried Gaga before, now you have the opportunity. With these special introduction classes you’ll get to know all about this thrilling training form, taught by the Danish dancer and Gaga teacher Siri Wolthoorn. Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company. With Gaga, we increase awareness of ourselves through physics. We teach our body to recognize and increase flexibility, endurance, motor skills and strength. In Gaga, we discover our passion for movement and learn to appreciate the investment we put in motion. We find our inner animal and discover the power of our imagination.

Yoga class:
Ashtanga yoga Helena Melkjorsen is a systematic practice and philosophy that develops one’s physical, psychological and spiritual strength and health. It is derived from ancient teachings and transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), R. Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Jois at the KPJAYI (Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute).

Ashtanga is characterized by a flowing sequence of progressively more challenging series of postures, linked together through specific breathing, gazing points and internal locks. The practice develops physical strength and lightness, mental steadiness and freedom, and a profound sense of vitality.


Some of the benefits include:

• A light and energized physical feeling 

• A calm mind, improved concentration, focus and awareness

• A more positive and balanced outlook to everyday life

• A well-tested therapeutic tool for stress and pain

• Keeps you physically fit, and keeps both body and mind fresh and powerful

• Offers an effective and supportive practice for any activities and goals in your life

Please bring your own yoga mat to the course. 

The studio is open for stretching in the end of the day.  


Siri Wolthoorn

Siri was born in 1985 in Aarhus, Denmark. She graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam. After graduation, she danced three years with the Batsheva Dance Company, Ensemble. In 2010, she moved to Copenhagen, and here she has worked with Danish Dance Theatre, Mute Dance Company, Yossi and Oded Dance Theatre, Itzik Galili and Recoil Performance Group.

Siri is teaching Gaga at all levels at Summer Intensive 2017. Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. A Gaga class runs continuously from start to finish and you are given ongoing information and guidance, where each new piece of information builds on the previous one. We get a feeling of freedom and joy in a simple way, by being in a pleasant room, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music and where each person is concerned with themselves and others.


Mathilde van de Meerendonk
Mathilde van de Meerendonk was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, and after finishing the Royal Conservatory for Music and Dance she danced in Netherland’s Dans Theater under direction of Jiri Kylian. Since '81 she has lived in Barcelona, Spain, where she began combining dancing with teaching, first in private schools and later as an invited teacher at the Instituto de Teatro and abroad. For 11 years, she has been the rehearsal director off ITdansa, a company for young dancers, in Barcelona. She has been invited to the Finnish Opera, the Swedish Opera, Norrdans, Carte Blanche, The Sydney Ballet, Göteborg Ballet, Henny-Jurïens Foundation, DV8, Danish Dance Theater among others.


Mathilde van de Merrendoks classes are above all created to prepare the entire body, but also to enjoy the movement from the first exercise. She gives a lot of importance to musicality and through the use of dynamics, goes deeper into intention of each movement, going beyond the academic form. Even when working hard, the commitment, positivity and sensibility gives, at the same time, the sense that a ballet class can be a joyful experience!

Helena Melkjorsen

Helena began her study of body and movement early, in her life as a dancer. In 2000 she started her yoga journey in Copenhagen, Helsinki and New York City. Helena teaches our yoga classes.


Ever since her introduction to yoga in three countries and two continents, the practice became an essential part of her life. After returning visits to Mysore, India, Helena has received the teaching authorization by her teacher Sharath at KPJAYI. She has also studied in-depth with Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Petri Raisanen and Richard Freeman. Her teaching reflects all of these influences.


Coming from a background of professional dance and self-expression, Helena is passionate to highlight healthy alignment together with an intuitive understanding of movement. Her natural curiosity and deep interest in the human body and mind, as well as body-mind connection gives her an exact and therapeutic teaching style.



Danish Dance Theatre – one of Northern Europe’s leading companies.


Danish Dance Theatre was founded in 1981 by the English/Norwegian choreographer and pioneer Randi Patterson, in collaboration with Anette Abildgaard, Ingrid Buchholtz, Mikala Bjarnekow and soon after, Warren Spears. At that time, the company was named ‘New Danish Dance Theatre.’


Since 2001, Tim Rushton (MBE) has been the company’s Artistic Director and has successfully continued Danish Dance Theatre’s vision of combining the classical arts with the modern. Today, Danish Dance Theatre is the foremost contemporary dance company in Denmark, as well as the largest, and is situated at the Royal Opera House on the harbour, in the center of Copenhagen. The company is composed of 14 hand-picked dancers from all over the world.


The repertoire spans from large stage productions at The Royal Danish Theatre, to open-air events such as Copenhagen Summer Dance at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters, Louisiana Dance in the garden of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, events at Arken Museum of Modern Art and Moesgaard Museum.  Danish Dance Theatre also does an extensive amount of both national and international touring.

/Arranged by Danish Dance Theatre – one of Scandinavia’s leading contemporary dance companies


Get in shape and get ready for the coming dance season with SUMMER INTENSIVE 2017 from the 24th-29th of July. Combine a trip to the city with a week of great dance training, in the heart of the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


The summer intensive offers a day by day pass or a week pass with a mixture of core work, ballet classes, contemporary repertoire with Danish Dance Theatre, Gaga & Yoga. All classes are at a professional, pro professional, advanced level. While you are here, there will also be time to enjoy the city of Copenhagen.


Experience Copenhagen Street Food, go for a swim in the many centrally located harbour baths, go to an open-air cinema, an art exhibition or chill in the sun at Nyhavn harbour.


This dance course takes place at the Royal Opera House with modern facilities and beautiful studios right at the Copenhagen waterfront close by cosy Christianshavn.


WHEN: Monday, the 24th of July – Saturday, the 29th of July, 2017
The Royal Opera House, Copenhagen
TUITION FEE: Day pass: 47 EURO / Week pass: 229 EURO / Company class: 7 EURO

Download a pdf with information about Summer Intensive 2017 HERE 


You can either choose to book a week pass, a day pass and/or a company class. Day pass: 47 EURO (350 DKK) / Week pass: 229 EURO (1700 DKK) / Company class: 7 EURO (50 DKK)

For those that can’t get enough, company class is open every day at an extra charge. The company classes are not included in the week pass or the day pass.


All classes are at a professional level and all participants need to be either under a recognized danceeducation or work as a professionaldancer. The course is suitable for contemporary dancers who wish to do ballet, Gaga and yoga classes as well as ballet dancers who wish to obtain in depth knowledge of contemporary dance.


There are a limited amount of week passes and day passes:
50 participants in total // 36 for the Company class. The tickets will be booked after the first-come first-served principle. 



Sted & tider: 

24th-29th of July

50-1700 DKK