VÅR DAG – Skånes Dansteater

December 21, 2021 · Takkeloftet, Operaen

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VÅR DAG (Our/Spring Day) is an immersive dance experience, inspiring explorations of space and touch. A moment filled with light and colour when the winter in Denmark is at its darkest and grayest. VÅR DAG is both an art experience and a dance performance. Three dancers lead you through a magical venue where textile artist Malin Bobeck Tadaa’s interactive and colorful installation Water shimmers and pulsates, through a scene in which choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and composer Lars Greve have let themselves become inspired by the movements and sounds that residents of Skåne have contributed during the year. Escape the winter darkness for a while and join us in the invigorating light!


CHOREOGRAPHY Tina Tarpgaard med inspiration fra Skånes befolkning
MUSIC Lars Greve with inspiration from Skånes befolkning
DANCERS Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya, Kit Brown, Samuel Denton og Laura Lohi. Tre dansere per performance.
SCULPTURE Water af Malin Bobeck Tadaa
DURATION VÅR DAG is an interactive experience, lasting approximately one hour, and played on a loop four times during the evening. A group of 25 audience members enters every 30 mins, at the following times: 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00. This means they enter at different points in the performance cycle, and are free to stay as long as they want.
AGE Recommended from 11 years


Tina Tarpgaard is a choreographer and dancer based in Copenhagen. She was a former dancer at Danish Dance Theatre and founded in 2005 the dance company Recoil Performance Group. This performance group works with choreographic and cross-aesthetic projects, for example in cooperation with software artists and bioartists. Tina’s works have won several awards both nationally and internationally. In 2010 she received a Reumert for The Dance Performance of the Year for FROST, created for Danish Dance Theatre’s dancers, and a Reumert for LIVING ROOM in 2012. She has been nominated in the same category for ON/VOLT in 2014 and X-mythologies in 2018.