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Denmark’s leading contemporary dance festival, in the heart of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Summer Dance is an open-air contemporary dance festival held at Ofelia Plads harbor pier in the heart of Copenhagen. Over the years, Copenhagen Summer Dance has established itself as a must-see event drawing people from all over the world to experience contemporary dance with the harbor, the Opera House and passing boats as backdrop. It is with great pleasure that we continue the company’s distinctive summer tradition that encourages openness, new encounters and exchanges between choreographers, dancers, and the audience.

This year’s Copenhagen Summer Dance offers many world-class experiences. A work by up-and-coming choreographer and former dancer at Danish Dance Theatre Fabio Liberti, performed by Skånes Dansteater. A new work by Artistic Director Pontus Lidberg for some of the world’s finest ballet dancers guesting us from Miami City Ballet. And finally, The Hollow Men, a new work for Danish Dance Theatre by internationally recognized choreographer Ina Christel Johannesen, inspired by the T. S. Elliot’s famous poem.

A new initiative to complement this year’s program are two free open-air dance film screenings, curated by Maia Sørensen and Pontus Lidberg. The film screenings take place after the performances on Friday and Saturday evening.


COMPANIES Dancers from Miami City Ballet, Dansk Danseteater, Skånes Dansteater
WORKS “Don’t, Kiss .Skånes”, “The Hollow” and “New work” by Pontus Lidberg. Presented by Miami Chamber Music Society, choreography courtesy of Miami City Ballet.  Performed by members of Miami City Ballet.
CHOREOGRAPHERS Pontus Lidberg, Ina Christel Johannesen, Fabio Liberti.
MUSIC Philip Glass, Per-Henrik Mäenpää, Tommy Jansen
LIGHT Andreas Buhl, Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm
COSTUME DESIGN Bregje Van Balen, Jernej Bizjak, Fabio Liberti, Andrea Spiridonakou
TAILOR Maria Ipsen
THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT Augustinus Fonden, Beckett-fonden, Politiken-Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, William Demant Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Miami Chamber Music Society

TICKETS / RESERVATIONS You can reserve a seat for 200 DKK (A-SEATS, refundable in case of rain) or 80 DKK (B-SEATS, not refundable in case of rain). There will be 144 free seats which cannot be reserved, but are given on a first come, first serve basis. Free tickets will be seated on the back rows.

PLEASE NOTE B-tickets are non-refundable! Also in the event of cancellation.

No pets are allowed on Ofelia Plads during the event.

IN CASE OF RAIN If it begins to rain or if we experience any other disturbances due to weather, either prior to the performance or during, then there is a chance that the performance will be cancelled, as the vinyl on the stage becomes very dangerous when wet. We will keep you informed on Danish Dance Theatres website, on Facebook and Instagram.

FOOD AND DRINKS Should you become hungry or thirsty, it will be possible to buy food and drinks at Ofelia Plads and in the food trucks that serves delicious pizzas, burgers, snacks, drinks and coffee.

PARKING It is possible to park at Jeudan Parking in their new parking lot underneath Kvæsthusmolen. The parking lot is open 24 hours. Sankt Annæ Plads 32 / Kvæsthusbroen 1, 1250 København K

INFO There are restrooms for walking-impaired in the parking lot at Kvæsthusmolen.
It is possible to have a companion with you, free of charge, when presenting your companion card. Please inquire at Teaterbilletter ticketing center: / tlf. 70 20 20 96 – hverdage kl. 10-14 (mandag kl. 10-16).

COLLABORATION WITH RED CROSS Dansk Danseteater are very happy to collaborate with the Danish Red Cross, who has gathered a team of audience-guides for Copenhagen Summer Dance. This exposes the Danish Red Cross’ important humanitarian work, and the audience-guides donate their salaries from the work to the Red Cross. You can support the Red Cross HERE