Artistic Director for Danish Dance Theatre


Danish Dance Theatre is looking for a new ambitious and artistically insightful leader, who can stand on the foundation of Danish Dance Theatre’s role and identity in Danish and international cultural life, further developing the company in order to strengthen the importance and role of dance within the cultural field and society in general. Dance, as an art form and expression, must enrich the individual and strengthen communities, both among young and mature audiences. Danish Dance Theatre is to be known and recognised as a contemporary dance company that aspires to incorporate both tradition and innovation, and wishes to contribute to putting dance, as a form of expression, on the agenda.

As Artistic Director of Danish Dance Theatre, you are responsible for setting and maintaining the company’s ambitions and high standards. You need to exercise a visionary artistic insight into, and ability to create, a repertoire that attracts both a Danish and an international audience. It is a great advantage if the leadership also demonstrates a dedication to strengthening the audience’s knowledge and enjoyment of dance. The Artistic Director can be artistically creative, but can also function primarily in a curating role, where the focus is on recruiting the strongest choreographers of our time, combined with the choreographers of tomorrow, creating the ideal artistic and creative framework for a dance company – a repertoire that balances between artistic experiments and dance with broader audience appeal.

It is central to Danish Dance Theatre that the Artistic Director practices an engaging and meaningful leadership style with all of the company’s employees; a leadership style that embraces the complexity and plurality of having both artistic and administrative employees, and that utilises their inherent competencies.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Management of the company in collaboration with the administrative leader. The Artistic Director focuses primarily on artistic development and vision.
  • Responsibility for production, execution of performances, auditioning new dancers, rehearsals, etc., as well as development of strategic, artistic partnerships.
  • Development of the organisation’s artistic practice and framework.
  • Initiate, maintain and continue to develop contact with artistic and presenting collaborators, as well as contribute to strong collaboration with foundations, sponsors, politicians and the civil service.
  • Development of artistic vision and strategy in collaboration with the company and the board, and the financial foundation together with both the administrative leader and the board.
  • Ongoing briefing and communication with the board regarding the company’s repertoire and status in relation to strategy, including the most significant artistic, employee and financial choices and challenges.
  • To strengthen Danish Dance Theatre’s position and importance within the Danish cultural field.
  • Employee well-being and development.


  • Artistic and personal integrity.
  • Sense of creating a balance between running the company as a business and as an artistically distinctive and interesting body.
  • Creative and innovative.
  • Experience with artistic, inclusive and empathetic leadership that creates healthy working conditions for the company’s employees.
  • Strong artistic understanding of how contemporary dance becomes relevant to a wider audience today. Also have insight into, and power to act upon, how this is carried out in practice in relation to the development of a repertoire that meets today’s society.
  • Strong collaborative skills that create mutual and constructive working relationships.
  • Relevant network within the dance field, both in Denmark and abroad, and a personal interest in participating in strategic network creation.
  • A listening and clear communicator with interest in developing own managerial skills and initiatives, when necessary.
  • Create the spirit of “Together we create Danish Dance Theatre”.
  • An understanding of creating and working within the framework agreement with the Ministry of Culture.
  • Embrace the complexity of:
    • leading based on involvement and co-creation with the entire organisation
    • leading based on curiosity and openness combined with courage
    • to create and demonstrate trust in the dancers and administrative staff.

If the applicant does not already have extensive leadership experience, possibly also combined with executive education, the applicant must be motivated to acquire these skills. This can, for example, be attained through training as part of the induction process.

About the application and the application process
We expect candidates to demonstrate and document their qualifications within the application, and that the candidate clarifies their professional and personal goals for Denmark’s leading dance company – Danish Dance Theatre. We expect a 1-page motivational letter, a 2-page annex on the applicant’s vision for Danish Dance Theatre, as well as an adequate CV with documentation of the most relevant experiences and education. The application can be supplemented with a short video presentation (no longer than 2 minutes), that demonstrates motivation and vision.

Application process
Deadline for applications: October 14th, 2pm. Please send to

1.     Written application – possibly with a short introductory video presenting artistic vision
2.     First round of interviews
3.     Selected candidates have an interview with occupational psychologist for the purpose of personality description
4.     Second round of interviews with selected candidates.

Job interviews will take place on October 25th and 26th in Copenhagen. The second interview will take place on November 3rd.

Salary and terms of employment
The position is held for a period of four years with the possibility of extension. Salary to be agreed upon. Depending on qualifications and professional experience.

The current board of directors at Danish Dance Theatre will hire the Artistic Director in collaboration with employee representatives from the company.

Preferred start date
January 1st, 2023

About Danish Dance Theatre
Danish Dance Theatre is one of Northern Europe’s leading contemporary dance companies with a permanent base at the Copenhagen Opera House. The company is an independent institution with its own finances and framework agreement with the Ministry of Culture. Since its establishment in 1981, Danish Dance Theatre has incorporated a vision that unites the classical arts forms with the more contemporary ones.

Danish Dance Theatre is today Denmark’s largest and most award-winning contemporary dance company, consisting of hand-picked dancers from all over the world. The repertoire ranges from large-scale stage productions at the Royal Theatre, over open-air events such as Copenhagen Summer Dance, to tours that reach widely both nationally and internationally. The company consists of 10 dancers and 8 administrative employees, as well as a number of affiliated freelancers.

Framework agreement and annual report can be found HERE.

Questions regarding the position can be directed to
The Chairman of the Board, Uffe Savery: / 2016 3344
COO Trine Rindsig Laursen: / 2462 7322