165 DKK
80 min incl. intermission
Photo: Marc Fluri 


- Three world premieres created for the company's dancers


THE GENERATOR is an event that started in 2017, where three choreographers are given the oppurtunity to develop their artistic ideas and individual styles. In 2018, the three choreographers creating works for THE GENERATOR are, once again, the award-winning Brazilian choreographer, Alessandro Sousa Pereira from Danish Dance Theatre, the Bosnian performer and choreographer, Edhem Jesenković and former corps de ballet dancer from The Royal Danish Ballet, Sebastian Kloborg.

THE GENERATOR generates works that investigate, challenge and captivate!


OUTPOST by Sebastian Kloborg
A border post sets the scene in a tale of a human journey away from a world full of oppressed feelings and over to "the other side". Driven by the desire to cross the border, dream and reality become fluid. 

OUTPOST is a perception of boundaries and one's attempt to break them, both the physical and the emotional.

Choreography: Sebastian Kloborg
Dancers: Maxim Jo Bech McGosh, Emily Nicolaou, Lucia Pasquini
Music:  John Philip Sousa
Dramaturgy: Sosha Teperowska
Sound Design: Mikkel Larsen
Costume Design: Maria Folkmann Ipsen


EMPEROR by Alessandro Sousa Pereira
EMPEROR is an interpretation and a study of man and power and the transformation that takes place when power disappears and vulnerability takes over.

Choreography: Alessandro Sousa Pereira
Dancers: Joe George, Csongor Szabó, Luca Marazia
Dramaturgy: Sosha Teperowska
Costume Design: Signe Isabella Blicher
Music: Win Mertins

GARDEN by Edhem Jesenković
GARDEN explores the connection between the individual and the collective, the self and society. The choreographer Edhem Jesenković and three dancers investigate the human condition in a movement from the individual’s personal space over to the shared space of the collective. How do we navigate our small personal garden of hidden emotions and sensations while inviting others in as individuals that need to function as a group?

Choreography: Edhem Jesenković
Dancers: Lukas Hartvig-Møller, Jessica Lyall, Fabio Liberti
Choreographic Assistant: Merete Heksvik
Dramaturgy: Mette Risgård Tranholm
Costume Design: Maria Folkman Ipsen
Music: Hildur Gudnadottir, The boat was my Friend, Edhem Jesenković


Time & Place: 

Takkelloftet, The Royal Danish Opera

May 24 - June 2 2018