June 13-18

- A brutal and raw reinterpretation of August Strindberg’s scandalous love triangle


ABOUT MISS JULIE, choreographed by the American choreographer Stephen Shropshire, is a reinterpretation of August Strindberg’s breakthrough, the love triangle ‘Miss Julie’ from 1888. Shropshire’s works are known for being aesthetic, engaging and intellectually thought provoking.  In this dance performance, Shropshire has worked in close collaboration with the dancers to create a raw uncompromising version og August Strindberg’s naturalistic play about gender roles and the struggles of power and class. Universal themes, which are still debated today.


ABOUT MISS JULIE is a co-production between Stephen Shropshire, Danish Dance Theatre and Holland Dance Festival.


The performance had its premiere at Holland Dance Festival in January 2018.  The Danish premiere will be at the Opera’s Takkelloft in June 2019.

Choreography: Stephen Shropshire
Dancers: Danish Dance Theatre’s dancers
Lighting Design: Adalsteinn Stefansson
Costume Design: Stephen Shropshire & Maria Ipsen
Music: Maria Hulthén Birkeland, Per Gudmundson, Erik “Kicken” Ingels & Ingrid Ingels, Emilia Amper, Kirsten Bråten Berg, Per Gudmundson, Gro Marie Svidal, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet

Time & Place: 

About Miss Julie
13th -18th of June 2019 at 8pm plus Saturday at 5pm
Takkelloftet / The Royal Danish Opera

1 hour