Tim Rushton received ’Bikuben’s Honorary Award’ for 2012

Danish Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Tim Rushton received ’Bikuben’s Honorary Award’ at the Reumert Awards – the most prestigious Danish cultural award.

Photo: Jakob Boserup


Bikuben’s Honorary Award is the most distinguished of the Reumert Awards. The award itself is 300,000 Danish Kroner as well as a glass painting by Hans Voigt Steffensen. Bikuben’s Honorary Award is presented to a member of the theatre who, over a period of time, has shown an exceptional ability in their contribution to the positive development of the performing arts in Denmark.


The Jury’s motivation for choosing Tim Rushton:

Danish Dance Theatre Nominated for two Reumert Awards

Danish Dance Theatre has been Nominated both in the category “Best dance performance of the year" and "Best Dancer".